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So, basically this blog was started by envy. Kulam Ikan Tetangga (the neighbor's fish pond) is a variation to the saying that goes "the neighbor's Grass is always greener". The Neighbor's Fish Pond will always have fatter and more fish (than your own fishpond). And so it is.

Sleeping to Success

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I read information on hypnotherapy back in 2007. I was still having a slight anxiety problem although it wasn't as bad as the episodes in 2005. I was thinking about getting a therapy for it but in the end was too lazy and can't be bothered to find the said place that offers hypnotherapy sessions.

The subject of hypnosis came up again during my pregnancy as I was busy searching for information on ...well.... pregnancy. Someone actually offers hypnobirthing classes in Indonesia. It wasn't accessible for me because of the time, cost and distance. Still I apply their advices on self hypnosis technique, mainly using suggestion mantra. My mantra was for Chloe, for her to jump out in just one push. I whispered this mantra almost every night since I was 20 weeks pregnant.

Well, she didn't jump out with just one push. But the labor process were more swift than I expected. So I guess in a way, the hypnosis work.

Last week I stumbled upon a post discussing how nowadays there are hypnosis apps you can download from the apps market. I have an android, so I searched for the keyword, and indeed there are several hypnosis apps available for free download. The first one I downloaded was about self confident.

The thing sent me half asleep after 3 minutes. But midway, Dalia froze. I can hardly open my eyes afterwards. I think it's partially because we're supposed to finish the session. Next time I tried listening to it again, Dalia didn't froze, and I open my eyes and woke up quite refreshed.

I downloaded another hypnosis for focus. Because I tend to sleep during the relaxation part, I think it's also an indication that the hypnosis work. So yes, I slept through the Focus Hypnosis too.

The apps information said it should be listened to often and continuously for a period of time to gain the best benefit. I plan to listen to it once a day for a month. Oh, and there's also a hypnosis app for losing weight... hmm... perhaps I should try that one too?

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