Durga Doesn't Have Laundry Problems, and We Shouldn't Either!

The first thing I did when I woke up at 8 am this morning was getting a glass of cold coke from the fridge and finish it. Hahah! No fasting today.

This poster promotes that any girl who drink this soda beverage would look this awesome. Even the puppy has that dreamy grin on its face.

I hadn't feel too fantastic throughout the day so house chores were done sparsely.The only highlight of the day was me discovering the wonder of human made technology inside a 500 rupiah plastic sachet. EUREKAAA!!!

I am the kind of person that let her laundry piled up into a mountain, for not wanting to waste detergent suds and buckets of water just to wash three pieces of clothes everyday. Also, I don't really like doing laundry. I think washing machines are awesome and whoever invented them must be promoted and canonized into sainthood, or at least be given a Nobel prize. Seriously.

The last week I had noticed that the small hill in the back porch that is my laundry pile was reaching a record-breaking heights. It could only mean one thing: It is critical that I do my laundry chores as soon as possible!


Being somewhat multitasking, usually I diluted the detergent in the water, soak in my laundry, and do other house chores or whatever while I wait for at least 1 hour to 6 hours (or in some cases my laundry spirit decided to bail out early and my clothes got pickled for three whole days, ack!) before I hand washed them; rubbing, wringing, lifting into a bucket of clean water to rinse the suds off, more rubbing, wringing, lifting into a bucket of water with softener... and waited for at least half and hour before wringing the laundry as dry as I could and put them neatly in lines for them to dry.

Writing the description of the whole process is already tiring, you can bet that actually doing it is by any mean not a simple and easy thing to do. I prayed to God that one day I will be able to save enough money to buy me an all automated washing machine. Or a bag of money will fall from the sky right into my lap and I will use it to purchase an industrial washing machine. Or one day I would open my door to discover a washing machine... oh well, whatever is imaginable with the end result of me having a washing machine. HAHAHA!

Anyways, as I said before, I discovered a wonder of human technology in a plastic sachet for five hundred rupiahs only. Nyai Jebret Putri Walet had recommended it on her last visit to my place, with warnings, "Don't soak your laundry for too long in it or you'll end up with nice holes on them." Sounds mighty awesome.

The weather had been very extreme lately in Jogja, with the day heat siphons away moisture from me and the night freezes my arse off. The best scenario so far is to do the laundry when the sun had sets in, so they would be dry before the sun reached the apex of it's arch in the sky the next morning. The less contact with the scorching sun the better. I'll save my tanning session under the sun for later at some white sand-beach, thankyouverymuch!

The thing is, the water turns quite cold at night, as it should be, naturally. I'd like to keep minimal contact with water until at least 9 am in the morning when the sun had already warmed it up a bit. So, it's quite dilemmatic, see? Using my usual detergent will resulting longer contact with water because the soaking in, etc, etc. So I decided to follow Nyai Jebret Putri Walet's advice and use the detergent she recommended. I figured I don't need to wait hours for the soaking in etc, just five minutes and then scrub-rub-rub and get it over with!

AND THE DETERGENT TRULY REALLY DOES A WONDER! A sachet of 23 grams detergent cleans 19 pieces of clothes and 21 pieces of underwear, all within approximately one hour and 15 minutes (including the soaking-in time). The result is squeaky clean laundry, and all of them smelled pristine even before I soaked them in the softener. HALLELUJAH! I guess the advertisement saying that it washes with the power of ten extra hands is not lying.

Speaking of ten extra hands, would Durga have problems with her laundry? If she uses this detergent, she will end up washing with 20 hands! Damn, she won't be needing a washing machine after all!

Durga makes an awesome household queen. Ten hands, and multitasking! Go figure.


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