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So You Think You're a Volunteer Going to Help Merapi Refugees??

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Volunteers must know the limit of themselves. If you are coming to Yogyakarta to help, make sure you are physically and mentally fit to be able to give help.

1. You don't have to go up the mountain to help. There are a lot of works to do for the refugees which are scattered in a lot of spots. Gathering donations, data and listing and distribution administration may seem less adventurous but is still needed. Volunteer support system is really needed, as in, volunteers supporting other volunteers. They are human too.

2. Morals had been really low because the lack of sleep and rest. So far the big eruptions and torrential rain always happened during the night when it is cold and dark. So you can also help by thinking of ways to help keep the moral up, both for refugees and volunteers. Knowledge on Crisis psychology management is needed!

Map to the refugee camps:
The map is updated daily.

New camps had been established as the danger zone had been declared on the radius of 20 km from Merapi since yesterday evening, Thursday 4 November 2010, from the 15 km declared the day before. Some of the new camps may not be listed in the map yet, and even the ones listed on the map may not have adequate supply for the refugees. The refugee number is rising by the hour. Since Wednesday, 6 November 2010 (two days ago) half of the volunteer works had been nothing but constant evacuation from one village/camp to another in the safer zone. This can be terribly exhausting, physically and mentally.

More alerts for Jogja city as the two rivers Code and Gajahwong are flooding with mud and debris from the mountain.

Most flights to Yogyakarta for last night and all flights scheduled for today had been canceled.

3. Know how to keep yourself safe before helping others.

4. There are a lot of cattles and pet animals needing rescue and care. These animals are important not just for the livelihood of the refugees but also because of the emotional attachment. Contact Animal Friends Jogja (AFJ) or Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) or ProFauna for information of volunteer works for animals.

in the mean time I will try not to panic.


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