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So, basically this blog was started by envy. Kulam Ikan Tetangga (the neighbor's fish pond) is a variation to the saying that goes "the neighbor's Grass is always greener". The Neighbor's Fish Pond will always have fatter and more fish (than your own fishpond). And so it is.

Nobody Likes to Participate in a Pre-meditative Whinery

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As I type this I am heavily medicated. Not heavy enough. I can still open my eyelids and lift my fingers and type this. My initial plan was to get me so drugged I won't be able to think coherently. Ok, did that one worked?

Nah, I think I can still think coherently.

Escapism, where did I read this word? Sometimes earlier, like last week, I read it. Funnily, the word was tucked in neatly, or rather, too abruptly, in the middle of a paragraph written in perfect grammar Bahasa Indonesia. Eskapisme. It didn't look right to me. If a person is truly capable in writing perfect grammar Bahasa Indonesia, why can't a person find the synonym for such term in Bahasa Indonesia? May it be two or more words longer than the one-worded Eskapisme, one should stick to order and choose the equivalent in the same language one had been using since the first paragraph of one's ultra-neat-self-explanative essay. Es-ka-pis-me. It sounded like having some person relieving themselves on a me in a broad day light while it snowed.

Es-ka-pis-me. I am pissed alright. Actually I'm not entirely sure what I'm pissing about. I wish I could have an excuse of being totally wasted, but I wasn't. I am nearing one right now, I'd like to think like this. Cough medicine, works best when you feel like getting somewhat high, but not really. Which is annoying, because I was in the mood if being substantially high. What the cough medicine did was making me drowsy, so I fell asleep for about two hours. And then I woke up thinking, I need to eat something. So I went groggily and sleepily to the kitchen and made something for me to eat. Surviving the knife and fire and getting burnt by hot pots, etc. with me being quite sleepy. And now here I am, fully fed, with sleep lingering in my eyes and vaguely binding my joints, typing profanity or something close to it in English, thinking about posting it online to show the world that I am mightily pissed and is in the process of relieving myself on... well.. me?

Which I am not. Not really. Not substantially. Because this is Es-ka-pis-me. I am pissed but not really pissed so I be.

And I may not be able to show you evidence, nor can I truly assure you, but this is real, man. This is not a pre-meditative whinery.

Haha. Ok now what? Frag this. I think I might go back to sleep.

Oh yeah, and I found this picture of Captain Picard having an Es-ka-pis-me moment. It's awesome. I love Patrick Stewart.