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So, basically this blog was started by envy. Kulam Ikan Tetangga (the neighbor's fish pond) is a variation to the saying that goes "the neighbor's Grass is always greener". The Neighbor's Fish Pond will always have fatter and more fish (than your own fishpond). And so it is.

Let's See, What's In the Fridge?

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Recipe time!
Because I live in Jogja and it’s been quite hot lately when there should be a lot of rain, I made this for the hot nights when I don’t feel like something heavy and craving for something fresh.
Things to stock up in the fridge:
  1. Fruits; banana, apple, which happens to be available in my fridge. But, I think strawberry, melon, kiwi and sapodilla will make a great mix too.
  2. Ice cubes
  3. Honey
  4. Lime or Lemon
  5. Ginger roots
So what you do is:
  • - Just peel the fruits and sliced them to dices, or whatever shape is suitable
  • - Squeeze the juice out of the lemons or limes and pour them on the fruit. Lime or Lemon juice stops apples from getting brown after being peeled.
  • - Wash and clean the ginger root, slice them up or grate them down, boil in half cup of water, strain it to a teapot and add a bit of sugar. Put ice cubes in the teapot.
  • - Honey may be added to the ginger ice or it may be added to the fruit slices.
So you eat the fruit while sipping the ice ginger tea. Or you sip the ice ginger tea while eating the fruit… whichever works best for you is fine with me.
I love lime as much as I love olive oil. I can use lime for nearly almost anything from making a beverage to cooking to beauty treatment and even for cleaning up cooking utensils. So I usually have lime stocked in my fridge.
Don't you think the color is also nice? :)

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