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So, basically this blog was started by envy. Kulam Ikan Tetangga (the neighbor's fish pond) is a variation to the saying that goes "the neighbor's Grass is always greener". The Neighbor's Fish Pond will always have fatter and more fish (than your own fishpond). And so it is.

Rehydrated and Replenished

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When I was still in University, usually I spent the last half of Ramadan at my parent's house. One time, before I returned to Surabaya, my friends and I had a farewell dinner in one of the junkfood restaurant, and the restaurant offered Powerpuff Girls drinking bottle as a bonus when buying certain meal package. I was still crazy about the Powerpuff Girls, so we bought the meal package, and I brought home the Buttercup water bottle.

Buttercup, often mistaken as the middle child when she's actually the youngest :)

Each morning after sahur, while waiting for imsak, I would fill the Buttercup bottle full with water and finished it empty. That's about a liter of water, each morning. I knew I would immediately peed like 80% off it within three hours or so, but gulping down a liter of water kind of gave me confidence to face the fasting during the day. Ha ha ha. Well, afterall, Surabaya is famous for its hot weather.

A couple of years later my Mom noted how we had to replace the water gallons bottle at the dispenser more often when I was at her house. "I just notice that you do drink a lot. When you weren't here, we usually finish one bottle in a week. But now we finished that water bottle in 3 to 4 days."

There were four people in my mother's house, including me. One bottle usually holds about 4-5 gallons of water, measured roughly about 19 in liters. I don't know how much water I could gulp down in a day. More than a liter that's for sure :D

I read online once, about the list of things you shouldn't spent your money on, and bottled water is in the list. The explanation following it was specified to one time usage bottled water. I assume it's those mili-liter packages, less than a liter bottles. Well, considering the waste left behind, the list makes a lot of sense. I mean, I alone can finish the 500 ml bottle of mineral water within five minutes when I'm really thirsty. How many people out there who's just like me? Within five minutes, how many 500 ml size plastic bottle are wasted by people like me?

Funny enough, or perhaps even ironic, there was a commercial advert of one of the bottled water product in Indonesia. Several rupiahs profit from each bottled water sold would go to a funding that helped providing clean water resources for problematic areas in East Indonesia. And the advertisement said that this funding system actually worked, and now people in the said area could enjoy clean fresh water for their daily needs without having to walk tens of kilometers like the way they used to before.

Photo of Darmi with loads of cheese is taken from this blog. Mine had less cheese :D heheh.

No fancy food for sahur this time. Only darmi, but not that Darmi. :D And a cup of hot cocoa with milk. :)

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