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So, basically this blog was started by envy. Kulam Ikan Tetangga (the neighbor's fish pond) is a variation to the saying that goes "the neighbor's Grass is always greener". The Neighbor's Fish Pond will always have fatter and more fish (than your own fishpond). And so it is.

GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra (oh yeah!)

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Me: I'm waiting for J, he's coming to take me out and watch movie.
Cherie: What are you going to see?
Me: GI Joe
Cherie: Ooh, Channing Tatum's ass is *HOT*
Me: :))
Me: Oh, gotta go, J's here. Talk you later, Cher!
Cherie: Bye bye

And so we went to see GI Joe. We left the house at half past eight and the show started at 9 so I wasn't sure we were going to get any ticket. Among the films that were showing in Premiere XXI were the local war film Merah Putih, the horror flick Orphan, the animation UP, and District 9. It was relatively quiet compared the movie blockbuster time in the last couple of months, but I am always the one with pessimistic mind heheh. So my escape plan was, if we didn't get the ticket to GI Joe, let's see District 9. But at 20:48 we did get the ticket for GI Joe, so we went and bought a bag full of chips, a bottle of apple juice for him and a bottle of mineral water for me, in we went into the theatre and sat at the right hand top corner seats. A couple of minutes later the show started.

I have heard good things about the film, and not just about the sizzling physique of mr. Tatum. And after watching the film, I am one of those people who would give 4 out of 5 stars for it.

But it sure *is* a *fiiinnneee* bod to drool upon

GI Joe is a franchise based on the cartoon series made by Hasbro. The series were once aired regularly in one of Indonesia's early private TV stations. If am not mistaken it was RCTI. It was not my favorite show, I just watch it when nothing else was interesting, so I can't guess the main plot of the film. Perhaps because I didn't have that much expectation, the film turned out to be pretty good and kick ass!

A kind of Weapon of Mass Destruction employing nano technology had been created by the biggest arm dealer industry, funded by NATO. Now the weapon is finished, four warheads are being sent to NATO from the arm factory in Khirgyztan under the escort of a military team captained by Duke Hauser (his hotness Channing Tatum). The escort team is awesome with hummers and choppers and then, out of nowhere, one mysterious and super duper kickass flying vehicle appears and beat the hell out of the convoy. Another super duper kickass mysterious flying vehicle appears and kick the hell out of the first super duper kick ass mysterious flying vehicle.

Surprisingly, in the midst of these butt-kicking arm and technology confrontation with tons of explosions, the warheads survived. And it continues to survive until it is timely destroyed later in the plot. :D I want the suitcase hahaha.

So, Duke and his long time buddy slash vice captain, Ripcord, got accepted into the elite team GI Joe, and are trained in their awesome military base under the sea. (cue for Sebastian the Lobster singing "Under the Sea" heheh )

The villainess, the Baroness is played by Sienna Miller. I think the redhead Scarlett from the GI Joe team is a lot hotter. And the plot surrounding The Baroness existence is actually at the border of "pushing it" but since the whole story works, I let it go.

I love the main villain who managed to hide himself until the climax approaches. The guy who plays him was famous for acting in a family sitcom serial in TV. I don't know what the critics think, but I think he's a brilliant actor! :) I love good villains with the most creepiest villainy laugh. MUHAHAHA! (or in this case, villainy growl).

The action sequences ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!! After the false advertisement that didn't deliver from Transformer: Revenge of The Fallen, GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra is delivering a jam-packed never ending action throughout the film. Even the flash-backs that are meant to be melancholic in a dramatic ways are filled with martial art fights! MUHAHAHAH!

The body counts are... well, I lost count, and relatively no blood could be seen splattered or filling your view with flying intestines and the such, so it's not the gory kind. But knife into the eye socket, knife into the heart, head exploded, ohyeah, just like the Operation Dessert Storm, it's a clean and distant killing. You see the killing, you hardly see the bodies. Well, unless that one dead driver whose brain got jammed with needles and then his body slowly melted away eaten by the nanomites... Which actually look more suitable in movies such as Tale from the Crypt and its kind.

There are kissing scenes, but not the gross tongue-in-the-mouth kind. And there are plenty of hard abs and lean, toned naked upper-body flesh visible here and there.... AAAHHHAAAHHHAAHHAAHHAHHA!!!

After about 40 minutes I drooled each time Duke or Storm Shadow was on the screen. HAH HAH HAH! Sorry J, but they are a feast to my eeyyyyeess! MUAHAHAHAH!

Hmm, Kotaro Minami dejavu a bit here... nevertheless...

Oh yeah, uh huh, now you know why I drooled :D

Sorry people, you have to see this film on Cinema. Small screen won't do it justice. :D

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