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So, basically this blog was started by envy. Kulam Ikan Tetangga (the neighbor's fish pond) is a variation to the saying that goes "the neighbor's Grass is always greener". The Neighbor's Fish Pond will always have fatter and more fish (than your own fishpond). And so it is.

Channing Tatum's Hot Ass vs. The Nasi Padang

The first day of the Ramadhan.
I just realize recently how very little I remember about the year I spent living and working in Jakarta. I remember some events where I went out with my friends, and some times regarding work and the office, and also the weekend travels I often made to Yogyakarta for the sake of romance, but not much in between.

This memory loss includes the Ramadhan I spent last year in Jakarta. Apparently at the first two or three days of it I still made posts and then stopped, for I don't know why. Haha. The Ramadhan before that was spent in Yogyakarta.

Last night J took me out to see GI Joe. :) Verrry nice film. heheh. We got the tickets for the 21.00 show. My friend warned me about Channing Tatum's ass, and yes I must admit it's a fine ass. Marlon Wayans is very funny. And the Korean actor playing White Storm is so cool he burns. The film was pleasant and I could go on rambling about it, but I will save it for a film review. Ahaha.

Ai lai lai kutang barendooo... tak bakutang saraso jandooo...

We got home nearly midnight and I was starving because the only meal I had throughout the day was lunch. So J treated me with Nasi Padang! YEA! A pile of those heartburners to go, and I had it with a bottle of mineral water. Chewing rigourously at first, and then decreasing into a slow and deliberate chews at the end. And.... like magic (hah) I WAS FULL!!!!

I think I fell asleep at around 2 am while trying to read more out of the Rudolf Mrazek book. Somebody kicked my leg at 4 am but I can't be bothered to wake up. I woke around 10.30 and started the day with the usual house cleaning routines and nearly made myself a cup of tea when I realized, oh...yeah... fasting month :D haa haa!

I cheated with another nap after 2 pm, but didn't make it until 6 as planned coz I woke up an hour later feeling a lil bit of nausea. So I walked around inside the house and nearly forgot myself and was half way in making a glass of cool lemonade. Oh dear. So, to get my mind of things I tried going online, blogtripping here and there... and then Her Highness Queen of My Universe called.

Mom: Are you fasting?
Me: Yes
Mom: Don't forget to pray
Me: (pause) ...errr...ok.
and the conversation went on a bit, but the main point was just that above. Very effective my mother is.

I tried to built up some spirit to open the new novel I had bought last month and started reading it when J came up and asked.

J: Are you fasting?
Me: (lazily) yyyyeeessss
J: You didn't sahur?
Me: Noooooope
J: If you didn't, why are you fasting?
Me: Nyeh. (well, actually, this is a good question considering my track record in fast-breaking ahahah. Aside of it being compulsory, I just felt like doing it... so ... hahahah)
Me: Will you buy me fruit soup? (big grin) heheh
J: It's still 2 hours away [from breaking the fast]
Me: Well, yes, but I want fruit soup.
J: Nyeh.

He left to run some errands, and I busied myself brewing some herbs so I can have something nice and sweet to drink at Maghrib. AND! J showed up at 6, bringing the fruit soup. HA! ;) thankyouuuuu. That is just so sweet.

mmm... fruuuiiittss...

After finishing our bowls of fruit soup he left again to see someone, so I was back on Meg and tried to get some work done. Oh oh oh, J returned again at 8 bringing Fried Duck with killer sambal! OHYEA! THAT IS JUST SO SWEET! >:D

omnomnomnomnom... I love you J, for understanding my stomach completely. :-* mwah!


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But, now I forget about what I'm going to write. ahahaha

M. Lim said...

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