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Twilight: Director's Notebook by Catherine Hardwicke

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Twilight: Director's Notebook Twilight: Director's Notebook by Catherine Hardwicke

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No, I am not a twylla.
I found this book in Aksara book store Kemang and it was a lot thinner than Twilight. It turns out the content is much more interesting in every aspect, also "heavier".

It is, exactly like the title, the director's notebook. It is filled with small details of the movie making process, the behind the scene details if you like. It is, more or less filled with some technical stuffs of the film production. Not a complete one, because after all, this book I think is made with Twyllas in mind. So, it has more of the "cool" and "good look" aspects (read: photos of the casts).

What is a Twylla you might ask? a Twylla is a Twilight die hard fans.

Nevertheless, this book can make a good gift for teenagers who are aspiring film-makers.

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Nia said...

Oh, baca yang Orange-nya Windry? Itu bagus gak? Baru denger di radio kalau dia baru merampungkan novel tentang mafia. Jadi pengen tahu gimana.