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So, basically this blog was started by envy. Kulam Ikan Tetangga (the neighbor's fish pond) is a variation to the saying that goes "the neighbor's Grass is always greener". The Neighbor's Fish Pond will always have fatter and more fish (than your own fishpond). And so it is.

Shaam Shalone Nand Lala Krishna Banwari

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Mid 2008, Bert Lioni returned from her 4 months spiritual journey to India. She brought back, among other unspiritual things, these songs, the soundtrack of an Indian film titled Jodhaa Akbar. Since I've somewhat been a sucker for bhajans, this particular bhajan immediately stole my attention. Eventhough I didn't know what it means, the song is very lovely. Have a listen yourself.

Several months later we finally get our hands on the film DVD copy... it was... well... a typical Indian film :D

The scene, to which the bhajan Mann Mohana is attached to, is quite cute.

The moslem Mughal Emperor Akbar brought back his newlywed bride to his castle, but he has not seen her face since in their brief meeting and even during the wedding, the Rajput Princess kept her veil on.
In the morning during something like a legislative meeting, all the Mughal court ministers protested Emperor Akbar's decision in taking a Hindu wife and even made her the official Empress of the Mughal Empire. Moreover, Akbar let his new wife to built an altar for Krishna inside her palace within the Islam Mughal Fort. Right at this moment, first quietly, and then quite loudly, a singsong could be heard from the Empress' pavillion. Jodhaa is singing a bhajan in her morning worship to Krishna. All the court ministers and advisers stare at their king with the "See? Do you see what I mean?"
The Mughal king goes .... "errr... ok everyone is dismissed..." and walks towards his new wife's quarter and finds her deep in her morning pray. And for the first time he sees what his young wife looks like. Heh, pretty lah, played by Aishwarya Rai :D

Both Jodhaa and Akbar are startled and things get a bit awkward when Jodhaa rises and asks for a traditional Hindu blessing ritual from her husband, and Akbar being a moslem does not quite know what to do. But he did it anyway. And returning to the court, the Mughal King has a day-dream dazed look in his face. HAHAH!

I love the scene and the bhajan. I wish I can sing like Bela Shende.

Mann Mohana ( O Lord Krishna) - OST Jodhaa Akbar

O lord Krishna
Oh lord Krishna listen, how do I find peace without you?
I crave for you day and night
Leave your Kashi Mathura behind
And come and dwell in my eyes
How do I find peace without you?
I crave for you day and night

One instant its is brightness, the other moment its all darkness
Why wont the heart fear, how wouldn’t it be anxious
When the mind is on the crossroads
Which path to follow? Who other than you would explain?

The dancer, the one who resides in the Forest of Gokul
Radha is your servant
She's craving to see you

The dark skinned, lovely, soulful Krishna
Your form is gorgeous
I have surrendered my body and soul

O lord krishna. O lord Krishna
Oh lord listen, how do I find peace without you?
I crave for you day and night

Life is a river, its waves flow on and on
The heart’s ship sometimes gets drowned sometimes it is saved
If you are not the guide, then how will one reach their destination
If the waves get turbulent, then we come in your refuge

Im yours, and my life is yours
I see only you in every reflection
I’ll become a flute and belong to these lips of yours
In the flood of these dreams, lie my heart's territory

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