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So, basically this blog was started by envy. Kulam Ikan Tetangga (the neighbor's fish pond) is a variation to the saying that goes "the neighbor's Grass is always greener". The Neighbor's Fish Pond will always have fatter and more fish (than your own fishpond). And so it is.

Not an Angkot Journal (Fashion Destruction Jakarta Edition)

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Approximately 09:00 this morning, while waiting for my bus at the platform 4, of the Blok M Bus Station, I stumbled upon this...

Oh yes, I know how this is rude, taking photo of someone without their consent, and posting it online. :) And oh yes I know that am not the most fashionable person in Jakarta, but this is rather interesting to use as an example of what can be called as the Fashion Suicide.

I commit Fashion Suicide every now and then. It does feel rather embarassing after I pulled myself together and looked back to the particular piece of wardrobe I wore in...well, embarassment. But, like any other stubborn girl, I trod on, carefully.

Thank gods, I'm not trendy, thus I never feel to be as suicidal as this girl.

Let's see. Plaid shirt with somewhat empire line cut detail thingy going on there, and that golden sequin detail across the shoulders at the back. Checked. Skinny jeans. Checked. A belt! Worn low on the hip and is quite thick. Checked. All of these elements are quite trendy among young Jakartans (which unfortunately also means you can find them by heaps and when you're out and about, everybody seems to be wearing what you're wearing... but oh look at me wandering...).
And so 1+1= inevitably 2, right? Wrong. Having too much is not good. And this also applies on "Trends". Piling all of these together makes it a long slow painful Fashion Destruction Suicide Mission.

At least her shoes looked cool. Although, cool cannot be interpreted as comfortable here. And when I thought of how cool her shoes are, I noticed how she seemed to be able to colour-coordinate her bag and her belt and failed to notice that her shoes are... well.. not co-ordinative.

I had to wait for my bus for roughly 20 minutes this morning, 15 minutes of which spent staring at the back of this girl (whose face is actually quite well made up. Working girl, yknow). In my mind I quietly squealed under the burden of my own conscience.

"Someone should tap her in the golden sequined shoulder and offer her a make-over and save her from this wretched Fashion Suicide Mission!"

An elderly lady wearing a rather matching red tunic and red scarf on her head was staring at me intently during these 15 minutes because she caught me taking photos of this poor girl.

*sigh* I especially disapprove the skinny jeans since it's hell. No one in their right mind should ever wear a pair, especially if they're not sure if they're skinny or just medium. Skinny jeans, as it prompted so obviously there in the name, is designed for skinny people with skinny skinny leg. There.
NEVER misunderstood it as a pair of jeans that will make your legs look skinny.
Only two things can help your not-skinny legs: lipposuction and acute Anorexia, preferably a combo of both. ( I can't afford the first and loved my food to much for the second, so neither is an option for me. I am cursed with my fat legs for eternity)

On the lighter side, I caught something, doing it for the second time.

It was blazing hot outside.. and I found it under a parked sedan, looking like it slept on the most comfortable surface in this whole wide world. Almost made me wanna crawl in and laid next to it, sleeping...

After returning from lunch, I checked and there he still was...

Weird day today, I tell you.

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