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So, basically this blog was started by envy. Kulam Ikan Tetangga (the neighbor's fish pond) is a variation to the saying that goes "the neighbor's Grass is always greener". The Neighbor's Fish Pond will always have fatter and more fish (than your own fishpond). And so it is.

Seven Dwarves and One Confused Monkey

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Lucky day today. Seven, seven, seven.

9 am : Just woke up after hitting the snooze button twice. Dragged myself down.

9.15 am: Waited for the water to boil as I checked on e-mails and IM.

9.23 am: Hot choco-banana milk and cereal while browsing on blogs. Nothing interesting, he's prolly not up yet.

9.52 am: Posed for some pics. Was wearing shorts and long sleeved shirt. Suspected how it's going to be a physical day today what with the story telling and all.

9.54 am: Out of the gate, marched for work.

10.20 am: Had lumpiya basah while talking to Blanyuk.

10.30 am: not in the mood of smoking while talking at the reading room so chatted with Ben instead while we were picking up books in need of TLC.

12.01 pm: Starting to feel hungry.

12.03 pm: Telling self, discreetly, that self was not hungry.

12.05 pm: Self-suggestion proven unsuccesful, feeling even hungrier.

12.11 pm: Distracting self with a HUGE cup of lemon mint tea. Hot one, please.

12.13 am: eavesdropping on elderly people, elderly expatriates people, talking about older time Ciumbeuleuit area.

12.23 pm: That distraction effort obviously didn't work. Urge to eat was growing bigger.

13.00 pm: Still feeling hungry

13.15 pm: AH finally! Sat down with Boss and T and interviewed Blanyuk.

13.47 pm: Crossing the street to get some food as Blanyuk catching some angkot to Jalan Aceh.

14.54 pm: Can't eat yet, had to sit and chat again with Boss and T about interview. Boss didn't sound pleased.

14.58 pm: Can't get mind of food.

15.02 pm: FINALLY! foooood! I ate half a baby Kraken and loads of vegetable.

15.18 pm: Bored. Posed for more self pictures. This is awesome. Loves own camera.

16.02 pm: First kid showed up, one and a half years olf Sasha wearing pink pink pink. So tiny and adoreable!

16.30 pm: More kids showing up, lets get to business!

16.40 pm: Kids aren't much into the puppies and kitties and foals story. More focused on the stacks of crayon

16.45 pm: Four out of seven occupied with drawing whatever they had in mind. Three decided other things are more interesting, including running around the room, buzzing.

16.46 pm: Thinking "oh my god i am going to get dizzy"

16.47 pm: Snack delivered by Ade.

16.49 pm: Lemonade allover the floor. Nice.

16.50 pm: Bored with crayons, kids starting to have pillow fights.

17.00 pm: Big riots.

17.15 pm: Finding self attacked by tiny tots from every direction. Good thing they only have pillows as weapon.

17.16 pm: correction. Not a good thing. Got kicked in the face.

17.17 pm: Trying to stop a litlle girl from being sour.

17.18 pm: Little girl stayed sour and left to tell Mom in the next room.

17.19 pm: Another kick in the back.

17.25 pm: little girl returned with Mom. While trying to explain what happened, a plastic glass hit my face.

17.40 pm: Increasingly loud shrill and shrieks from the girls. Unsuccesfully tried to stop them.

18.00 pm: Still shrieking.

18.02 pm: Parents left with half of the kids. Waved bye bye and heaved a big SIGH.

18.03 pm: Two of the little girls left, were friendly again after being sour earlier.

18.10 pm: The last kid left.

18.11 pm: OH MY GOD the mess...

19.05 pm: Is finally home. But nobody else is. So am home... alone...

19.20 pm: Went online, nobody's on. Feeling very lonely.

20.00 pm: Had dinner. Still nobody's online.

20.48 pm: Writing down the journal...While sipping tea... Thinking about getting a hot shower and an early night

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